Meet the Chickens

Greetings! Now that the ice has melted from last week’s ice storm, we’re dreaming of spring and working on our garden plans. My girls love to read though seed catalogs and makes lists of all the plants they want to grow this summer.

I don’t think anyone is looking forward to spring more than the animals on our little Clark Farm. Especially our chickens. My oldest girls have been eager to share with my readers all their favorite pets.

The funny thing about chickens is once you get one, you kind of want more. There are all sorts of amazing breeds. I have a long wish list and someday I will get them. Hopefully.

We started with four we got from some friends of ours who needed to find them a new home. We were thrilled, but a bit nervous since we have never had chickens before. There was a lot to learn and we had to learn it fast.


After a few months with them, we wanted to add a few more to our flock. We ordered four more – this time little chicks – because our coop could only hold eight full grown girls comfortably. Oh my goodness, where they super tiny and adorable. The morning we went to pick them up, the hatchery surprised us with some extra chicks in the box. Fortunately, they all survived their chick year and we added seven new hens. But this also meant we needed a new coop ASAP.


The super awesome husband and I got to work and built them a chicken castle. It’s perfect for all our girls plus holds everything they need. It’s also super, duper easy to clean which was very important to me. I am the one who is basically in charge of that. (Chickens are very messy creatures.)


Last summer we had a broody hen that wanted nothing more than to hatch some eggs. We are pretty blessed with friends who also own chickens and they gave us some eggs that she could hatch. We don’t have a rooster, so we don’t have any fertilized eggs. She ended up hatching six sweet chicks, four of which ended up being roosters and were moved to new loving homes.


So, if you did the math correctly, that leaves our family with thirteen chickens. We just love having them as part of the family. People think we’re a little crazy, but we do spoil them with treats, let them free range all over our yard, and the girls can hold and carry them when they play outside. They are probably the happiest chickens you’ll ever meet.

Do you have chickens? Thinking about owning your own chickens? Have chicken questions? I would love to hear from you! I’d love to see and hear about your chickens or answer any questions you might have. I am no expert, but I will try my best to help.


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