Garden Planning on a Snow Day

Just when you think spring has arrived, you wake up to this…


in the middle of March.

I swear it was 70 degrees last week!

Mother Nature is really throwing us her best this winter and all we can really do is just go with it. Winter cannot last forever, so the kids and I decided it was time to finally get the seeds planted so they can start growing indoors.

I’m going to be honest here – I am the worst when it comes to starting plants from seeds. Every year I try. I plant these tiny little seeds indoors and they will start to grow – then die. So I end up spending way more than necessary on my summer garden after buying seeds and plants (then buying more plants to replace the plants that died). Seriously, it is kind of shocking I get anything to grow and I have more produce than I know what to do with. I’m really hoping this year will be different and my plants will grow the first time.

To get things started the girls went with their daddy to buy seeds over the weekend. LOTS of seeds. Today we chose to plant peppers and tomatoes. Because we have chickens, we also have a lot of egg cartons thanks to amazing friends and family. I thought they would work perfectly for starting seeds.


Thankfully I have plenty of help so we got our seeds planted quickly. It wasn’t easy, but I promised they could go outside and play in the snow as soon as school work and seeds were planted. Of course, it was all done before lunch.

Oh! And it was requested I update you on our growing apple trees. We currently have four apple trees growing and doing really well. And with my luck of starting plants from seeds, we did lose one. The girls have filled at least a dozen yogurt/cottage cheese containers with dirt and planted several seeds – both apple and pear trees. Hopefully they will grow too.


I’d love to hear from you! Are you enjoying a snowy winter day today? Or are you lucky enjoy to have warm spring weather?


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