Earth Day Birthday Party

This weekend we are celebrating our oldest daughter’s 9th birthday with a huge party. Her party day happened to fall on Earth Day this year so we are having some fun and making that a bit of a theme.

A little bit about this girl – she’s amazing. I cannot begin to describe how blessed I feel to be her mommy or how she has the most generous heart. This is the third birthday she has requested food donations to give to a local food bank instead of gifts for herself.


When she was six we watched something together on TV (I really cannot even remember what it was) that made her ask all sorts of questions about families and food. She was so heartbroken for those who were unable to buy food for themselves or their families. She was especially concerned about the kids who were going hungry. She really wanted to help. With her birthday approaching, she wanted to collect food instead of toys for herself. I couldn’t believe it. And with the help of generous family and friends, her first food drive was a great success. I truly cannot thank those who donate enough. They amaze me.

Anyways, enough about that. It’s bringing me to tears!

You do not need to have a birthday party to participate in these fun Earth Day activities. It would be perfect for any family fun day, or if you home school like us, they would make a great fun activity to your school day!

First we planned a Nature Scavenger Hunt. We personalized this list with things we have seen in our own backyard. After they find as many as they can, we have lots of prizes that they can choose from.


Decorating clay pots and planting flower seeds. This gives every child in attendance a fun gift to take home. (This was a total mess, but so much fun!)


Recycling Relay Game. We divided the kids into two teams. Each team had a box full of recycling items (paper/cardboard and plastic). One at a time, they had to divide the items by running them down, and put it in the correct labeled bucket.


Plus, you cannot have a birthday party for this girl without cake, ice cream, and pizza.

We were blessed with a beautiful Saturday afternoon and wonderful friends and family joined us in the celebration. To top it off, the birthday girl received a lot of donations for the Food Bank. She is beyond excited and so thankful to those who support her every year.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day or do you have a favorite birthday activity?

*The beautiful nine shirt made by the talented Ashley at Sass & Class – “like” her on Facebook.


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